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Glišić Attorneys is a law firm based in Belgrade, but operating throughout Serbia and Montenegro, specializing in the provision of legal advice and consulting to businesses.
Our professional background and our abundant experience, which goes back to the year 1946, as well as our dedication to continuing professional development and our adaptability, is enabling us to provide our clients with consulting services necessary to reach their professional goals covering wide range of commercial operations, and prevent any setbacks. In their day to day operations, our clients are engaged in business ventures that are governed by numerous laws and regulations. We provide them with knowledge of those regulations that helps them operate through the difficult paths that their business transactions may lead them so that they can focus on success.
Underlining client priorities, we seek to continuously remain on top of the numerous legislative changes that influence their businesses.
Essence of our legal services is focusing consciously and relentlessly on every client’s best interests at all times, with utmost personal and professional integrity.
We are recognized in our branch by the depth and the scope of our legal advisory and comprehensive legal services.


In the last two decades our Firm has been successfully providing legal & commercial consulting and support services ranging from privatization and legal due diligence reports, taxation, land acquisitions for future developers, advices related with urban planning and permitting.
We have gained an unparalleled fluency in commercial, corporate – business law, M&A, planning and construction, business and tax planning, real estate and business transactions, zoning and land use and business development, contracts, intellectual property, civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, labor/employment law, criminal defense and general counsel.
Glišić Attorneys also have extensive experience defending companies and individuals against allegations relating to white-collar crime. These include tax evasion, fraud, money laundery, abuse of office, and variety of business-related offenses.
We are also conducting thorough and discreet internal and regulatory investigations to assess the risk of criminal liability to the organization and its individuals. Knowledge or suspicion of criminal conduct within an organization may surface before or after the government commences an investigation. Unreserved evaluation of the scope and nature of the conduct are essential to limit the organization's criminal liability. An internal investigation reveals the truth about a specific set of facts which may or may not result in a prosecution, and provides management the factual instrument to decide upon applicable courses of action, as well as how to record the investigation, and implement measures to prevent repeated happening.
A large share of our legal practice is generated through referrals of our clients satisfied with our service.
Whether a client is a large company, large or medium multinationals, emerging companies, entrepreneurs or an individual, Glišić Attorneys sets great importance on constant commitment with clients through efficient, well-informed legal counsel.
Our client service processes are outlined to facilitate us to learn stated as well as unstated needs, targets, pursuits and concerns of our clients, to foresee evident and hidden risks and to frame and to put into action solutions that are well-grounded in law, practical, easy to implement and effective in addressing risks.
In order to meet our clients need for “one stop shopping” in complicated issues requiring multidisciplinary approach, we partner with diverse nonlawyer professional advisers in joint service delivery, offering economical comprehensive solutions to business problems.
We can deliver legal advice in local languages and in English.
For almost 70 years we remain and continue to be the most trusted and preferred legal advisors and to be the rational choice for Law firm to work with.



We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. If you think you are interested in our line of work and have top academic and professional credentials, please send us a cover letter and your CV at office@glisic.rs.


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